Flat Steel

HASCO (Arden, NC) has significantly extended its flat steel range.

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HASCO (Arden, NC) has significantly extended its flat steel range. The P5600 grade has been integrated into the higher-precision F range. Customers now have a choice of well over 3,000 available sizes. All dimensions are grouped together under one order number, enabling the required ready-to-use sizes to be found easily and quickly. Hasco's range of flat steel products also has been extended by many new materials. Two examples are the highly polishable case hardening steel 1.2162 and the through-hardening cold work steel 1.2363, which is additionally noted for its extremely high wear resistance. The pre-hardened and tempered chromium stainless steel 1.2099 is now also available as precision flat steel. This material has excellent machining properties, very good dimensional stability and outstanding corrosion resistance. All the dimensions and tolerances are oriented to practical applications and conform to DIN 59350. Special mention should be made of the customer-friendly service of the online ordering system at a fixed price. This is a major advantage because Hasco does not additionally charge the alloy surcharges as other suppliers do. The products can be obtained quickly and reliably via the online ordering service: www.hascoshop.com.