3/1/2011 | 1 MINUTE READ

Flat Locating Element

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amerimold Booth #640; Z09/...


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At amerimold, Hasco America, Inc. (Fletcher, NC) will showcase its flat locating unit Z09/..., which is a combination of pre-centering with a guide tolerance of 0.03-0.05mm followed by high-precision final centering with a tolerance of 0.002-0.012mm, which not only protects the core inserts in the moulds but also ensures high accuracy and service life. The Z09/… is ideal for use in multi-cavity moulds where it is important for inserts on the fixed mould half and on the moving mould half to be in precise alignment to each other.

Due to their compact size, the locating units can be installed directly where it matters—close to the delicate inserts themselves. In the cavity, the Z09/... compensates for tolerances and heat distortions between the mould plate and the mould insert.

Also featured will be its Multi Shot Z10440/..., which has two, four or six individually replaceable nozzle tips. A special patented design solution for the nozzle tips and their fixing system guarantees maximum maintenance friendliness. The tip and sealing ring are together in one segment and can therefore be easily assembled or dismantled from the parting plane, even when cold.




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