9/21/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Five-Step Process Mold Qualification Software

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5-Step ProcessTM Version 4.0

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Beaumont Technologies Inc. has released the 4.0 version of its 5-Step ProcessTm. The 5-Step ProcessTM Version 4.0 allows the user to work smarter—not harder—to isolate, quantify, and solve the various root causes of part quality variations hindering the  qualification process.
The update was not only designed to meet the expanding needs of Beaumont’s customers, but also to broaden the software’s ability to better tackle areas such as part quality and mold maintenance, the company states. The software provides a simple means of separating out key variables that cause mold filling, part quality and mold maintenance variations, in addition to eliminating the tedious task of identifying Flow Groups and applying the appropriate calculations to individual cavities and Flow Groups in order to accurately compare and isolate the root causes of variations.
As one of the only mold diagnostic programs designed around rheology in the industry, 5-Step ProcessTM software has been lauded as user-friendly, accurate and invaluable to quickly and efficiently solve root causes of part quality variations within a mold and its cavities during mold start-up procedures, the company notes.
This release of the fourth generation 5-Step ProcessTM software includes updates not available in previous versions, including: three new runner layouts; the ability to enter other diagnostic data, such as part dimensions and mold maintenance issues; a part weight reference for judging the percent of full being analyzed in shot shots; the ability to upload images of a mold and the molded parts for easy reference; a new look to the diagnostic reports, including overall mold imbalance data; an improved procedure document further explaining the intricacies of performing a short shot analysis; a new user interface with updated graphics; and the feature to now directly export to a PDF document.