Five-Axis Spindle Head Attachment

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Model 5414-R3

Tri-Tech Precision Products (Anaheim, CA) has improved the performance of its five-axis spindle head attachment (Model 5414-R3) with the addition of heavy-duty spindle supports, increasing rigidity to provide a great finish in aluminum, steel or any machinable material using normal feeds and speeds.

Tri Tech programmable head attachments offer fully-programmable five-axis machining with a 180˚ (±90) tilt range and 360˚ rotary range to adapt with almost any three-axis CNC (VMC, HMC, Bridge, etc.).

The Model 5414 uses the existing t-axis machine spindle drive transferred through to tool at a 1:1 ratio. The recommended spindle speed is 100-5,000 rpm.



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