Five-Axis Software

Delcam (Windsor, ON) will debut its PowerMILL CAM at EMO 2007.

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Delcam (Windsor, ON) will debut its PowerMILL CAM at EMO 2007. The software’s major focus is additional options for five-axis machining. The new version also includes enhancements and speed-ups throughout the program—like improved memory management within the software that will offer significantly faster calculation times—especially for large, complex components, like press tools for automotive bodywork—and for smaller, highly-detailed models, such as moulds for fine-tolerance and high-accuracy parts. A significant option is a powerful tool-axis editing function that allows the user to select any region of a toolpath and redefine the tool-axis vectors within that region. Previously, a single tool-axis specification was applied to a complete toolpath, although this could be adjusted automatically to avoid any collisions. The new ability to use different options in different regions of the toolpath will enable users to optimize cutting conditions and avoid any sudden machine tool movements that could result in a poor surface finish.