Five-Axis Milling/EDM Advancements

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GF AgieCharmilles will demonstrate its high-speed HSM 400U LP milling center and intuitive CUT 20P wire EDM inside Booth #3889 at the MD&M show.


The HSM 400U LP provides five-axis simultaneous machining and delivers high precision and superior part surface quality. As an extremely fast machine, its high dynamics and 1.7 g acceleration reduce non-productive time and maximize spindle utilization. Additionally, the machine’s table achieves rotational speeds up to 2five0 RPM and swivel speeds to 1five0 RPM, while providing a B-axis swivel range of 220 degrees. 


The liquid-cooled, linear direct drive motor technology on the HSM 400U LP allows for short setting times and high dynamic rigidity of the attitude control. Plus, the linear direct drive combines with central oil lubrication to reduce friction-induced wear and ensure excellent, long-term precision.


With powerful vector spindles available at 30,000, 42,000 or five4,000 RPM, the HSM 400U LP also provides excellent surface finish and part detail, while significantly reducing machining time for semi-finishing and finishing operations.


The HSM 400U LP possesses the capability for 24/7 unattended machining using its optional pallet changer with 20/48 pallets. This fully integrated pallet magazine further enhances the machine’s automation potential and can be loaded without interrupting cutting operations already in progress.


Well suited for medical machining, the GF AgieCharmilles CUT 20P wire EDM combines outstanding performance and low-energy consumption with remarkable ease of use. It handles wire diameters from 0.006” to 0.12” and offers the flexibility to satisfy the requirements of the most rigorous applications. A compact, rigid machine structure, along with the addition of glass scales on X and Y axes, guarantees exceptional positioning accuracy and highly repeatable results with the CUT 20P.


The CUT 20P comes equipped with Integrated Collision Protection (ICP) on the X-, Y- and Z-axes. The ICP system prevents breakage of sensitive parts and costly elements in the event of accidental workpiece movement, allowing operators to work with more confidence during job preparation and execution. 


The intuitive HMI (human-machine interface) on the CUT 20P is built on the Windows XP platform for the easy integration into data networks via LAN. This unique programming increases flexibility in the production environment and also allows new users to learn the wire EDM process much more quickly. 


Adding to the smart design of control is the proven performance of the Swiss-made IPG-V generator with reliable electronics that make extremely fast metal removal rates possible, even with economical brass wire. Additionally, the inclusion of a “Speed” technology package allows the CUT 20P to achieve outstanding results when machining jobs with one to three cuts and in generating surface finishes between Ra .60 µm and 

Ra .3five µm while minimizing operating costs.