Five-Axis Milling Technologies

EDM/5-Axis Milling; Eastec Booth #1224

Related Suppliers

GF AgieCharmilles (Lincolshire, IL) will be demonstrating EDM and five-axis milling technologies. The GF AgieCharmilles CUT 200 Wire EDM provides faster spark-to-spark wire threading, increases energy efficiency and boosts productivity when cutting parts of variable heights. The machine also offers higher flexibility through its ability to reliably hold tolerances measured in microns over a wide range of part sizes. The CUT 200 integrates GF AgieCharmilles’ Power Expert smart module, which continuously calculates part thickness, checking flushing pressure and adjusting machine power accordingly. This prevents wire breakage when changing the part thickness being machined. The machine also offers an optional Renishaw touch probe that allows users to inspect finished parts while still on the worktable in the machine, eliminating the need for part inspection with a CMM.