Five-Axis Machining Capabilities


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Makino’s (Mason, OH) F5-5XR VMC combines the speed, precision and flexibility required for tight tolerance, five-axis, hard-milling applications. Based upon the F5, the F5-5XR is an affordable five-axis solution for complex, die/mold, aerospace and medical parts.
It provides X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 35.4 inches, 19.7 inches and 17.7 inches, respectively, the 39.4-inch-by-19.7-inch machine work table provides ample room for the 5XR table and workpiece arrangement as well as additional table space for a vice to accommodate other non-five axis work and an optional laser Automatic Tool Length Measurement (ATLM) system. Its new rotary table design offers advanced performance with increased speed, accuracy and power.
A dual-taper, double-disc braking mechanism generates higher clamping torque for both the tilt and rotary axes, supporting heavier cutting forces in hard materials. This table design offers improved productivity, while maintaining precise positioning accuracies with a repeatability of ±2 arc seconds.