Five-Axis Control Machining Center

DMU 50 eco

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DMG/Mori Seiki USA’s (Hoffman Estates, IL) DMU 50 eco CNC 5axis control was designed to be the ideal fiveaxis machine tool for lowcost, highquality parts machining with a shortened delivery time. This nextgeneration standard machine reduces cost by also reducing fixturing and setup time while improving accuracy.


The DMU 50 eco is especially advantageous for users who are introducing fiveaxis machining to their manufacturing process. Equipped with the same configuration as the DMG DMU 50, the DMU 50 eco has all basic functions necessary for indexing fiveaxis machining.


It uses an NC swivel rotary table with digital drives as standard. The NC swivel rotary table consists of the Baxis with the tilt angle from 5° to +110° and the Caxis that can rotate 360°. The Baxis, which can tilt another 20° from vertical position, allows back side milling and flexible indexing fiveaxis machining by combining with the Caxis.