Five-Axis CNC

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Okuma America Corporation has introduced a large five-axis machining center, the MU-10000H, that is designed to machine ultra-challenging applications for aerospace machining, heavy equipment and other large molds or parts.
This workhorse five-axis CNC machine delivers high torque and high-speed machining. It provides users with a high-performance, long-lasting, and efficient horizontal machining center, the company reports. Built on Okuma’s exclusive thermo-friendly concept, the machine can run from a cold start because it resists thermal deformation, minimizing thermal growth.
Key features include: large trunnion table with 1-meter-square pallet; workpiece weight capacity of 5,500 pounds; workpiece size capacity of 59.05” diameter by 44.29” high; 1416 maximum foot-pounds of torque (1,920 Nm) available from 50 RPM; two-pallet APC; and standard with THINC®-OSP- P200MA for seamless integration and rapid contouring.


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