Feed Rate Optimization Strategies—CGTech

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CGTech, the developer of Vericut CNC simulation software, demonstrated feed rate optimization strategies, describing the difference between high-speed machining versus high-efficiency machining. Some think of high-speed machining as simply running a CNC machine at maximum feed rates and taking multiple shallow passes, booth personnel explained. However, this strategy is often less efficient than taking fewer passes at slightly greater depths. Achieving the shortest cutting time is related to feed rates, but that is only one of many factors. High-efficiency machining—cutting a part in the least amount of time—is the real goal. Cutting at a greater depth is often more efficient, but the cutter may encounter an overloaded condition causing breakage or exceeding the horsepower on the machine. The key to achieving high-efficiency machining is to vary the feed rates to achieve the desired result for each cutting condition encountered.




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