Faster/Easier Programming for CNC Machining

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Delcam will demonstrate the latest developments in its CAD/CAM products at WESTEC. The range of enhancements enable faster and easier programming for CNC machining producing faster and more efficient tool paths, allowing greater machine productivity.

The most important enhancement in PowerMILL 2012 is Flowline Machining. This dedicated strategy for high speed machining divides the toolpath between a pair of drive curves in a constant number of passes, rather than having a varying number of passes with a constant stepover. This approach gives a lower cycle time and superior part surface finish, minimizing wear on the cutter and the machine tool, according to the company.

FeatureCAM 2012 includes a range of enhancements for quick and accurate CAM programming for production machining on lathes, mills and turn/mill machines. Two new strategies are back boring and spiral roughing. Back boring allows more parts to be completed in a single set-up, with larger bores able to be produced on the reverse side of the part. Spiral roughing can be used instead of Z-level roughing. It uses a single continuous toolpath instead of a series of levels giving a smoother finish with no dwell marks.

Major highlights of PartMaker 2012 include a new module for the simulation of vertical and horizontal machining centers, improved simulation for the latest breed of multi-axis, turn-mill and Swiss-lathe machine architectures, more powerful surface machining strategies, and improved visualization throughout programming, as well as a host of additional productivity enhancements.