10/14/2008 | 1 MINUTE READ

Family of High-Speed, High-Accuracy Grinding Machines

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Amada Wasino America, Inc., formerly Wasino Corp.

Amada Wasino America, Inc., formerly Wasino Corp. USA (Rolling Meadows, IL) offers a family of high-speed, high-accuracy grinding machines designed as CNC grinders, not CNC adaptations of old machines. They provide operators with flexibility, while making precision surface grinding faster and more efficient for greatly enhanced productivity. Featured at IMTS, the Meister-G3 is a CNC high-speed surface and form grinder designed from the ground up to handle extreme grinding conditions. Starting with a massive 5,600-pound casting supporting an 8x20 table, the Meister-G3 delivers high-speed table stroking, thermally stabilized precision, and superior surface finishes. A unique high-speed servo valve with a linear scale delivers the highest level of stroke repeatability. The Techster-D3 is a three-axis CNC surface grinder, with extreme productivity features. This large (16x24), rigid grinder’s column-moving design, empowered by a longitudinal ball screw drive system enables stock removal powered by creep feed grinding. A multi-work cycle enables superior finish and surface grind cycles; on-board measurement probe system is available. Roughing stock is quickly removed by creep feed and high precision details are ground in finish cycles. Auto dressing of straight, slot, radius, taper and profile forms are easily performed with the enhanced wheel management system, standard on all Amada Wasino CNC surface grinders. www.amadawasino.com