Face Milling Cutter for Maximum Reliability

Walter’s Xtra-tec XT M5012 face milling cutter with small indexable inserts and large depth of cut delivers versatility and accessibility.


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Walter USA face milling cutter

Photo Credit: Walter USA

Walter USA launches the Xtra-tec XT M5012 face milling cutter, a productive and versatile new face mill with an 88° approach angle. The mill, available in diameters of 32-100 mm, is part of Walter's next generation of milling tools, Xtra-tec XT (check out Walter’s shoulder milling cutter under this brand), which are said to deliver increased productivity and process reliability.

The M5012 is ideal for steel, cast iron, stainless steels, difficult-to-machine and non-ferrous materials. Applications include face milling, roughing and rough finishing operations with wiper inserts—although, according to Walter, additional finishing operations can usually be avoided with its tool.

The mill is also applicable for less powerful machines due to its positive soft cutting action. Small indexable inserts with a high number of teeth and a large depth of cut permit maximum feeds, tool life and productivity. The universal, double-sided, indexable inserts, applied to either Walter Tiger-tec Silver or Tiger-tec Gold also contribute to high stability, ideal for small machining allowances and variable conditions. The clamping screw—made accessible by its angulation—ensure easy handling and prevent typical assembly mistakes.

Inserts are offered in a fully ground configuration for maximum precision, or fully sintered configuration for cost efficiency. The bodies are offered in either ScrewFit or shell mount and with two pitches for different applications