Extruder Rupture Disks

GPMS Extruder Rupture Disks

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DME (Madison Heights, MI), has introduced GPMS (Global Plastic Molding Supplies) Extruder Rupture Disks, designed to provide emergency pressure relief on plastics extrusion machinery.

The disks prevent pressure buildup from blowing out a die by rupturing when pressure reaches a pre-determined level, thus relieving pressure without damaging equipment or personnel.

GPMS Rupture Disk assemblies are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and incorporate either an Inconel or Stainless Steel Disk, which minimizes the effects of varying processing temperatures.

DME offers the GPMS Series of Extruder Rupture Disks in a wide variety of lengths and configurations. Standard stock assemblies come in burst pressures ranging from 1,500 to 15,000 psi and lengths from 1.82-12”. Several different mounting threads are available for both lines to fit different types of plastics extrusion machinery.

In addition to rupture disks, DME’s maintenance, repair and operations products division also provides pressure gauges, transducers and other technologies for plastics extrusion manufacturers.