Engineered Solutions

Hot runners, collapsible cores and mold bases.

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DME showed its engineered solutions including hot runner systems, mold components and mold bases.

D-MAX hot runner systems are ideal for prototyping and short-run production. The standardized bushings enable moldmakers to exactly simulate multi-drop systems using the same basic components—but without requiring special heaters, tips, retainers or needles. The D-MAX bushings have two zones of heat: a slip-on, cast-in heater on the nozzle body and a square coil heater on the head area of the nozzle. The square coil heater uses a separate thermocouple and gives the user an accurate temperature reading to eliminate the heat soak time normally needed.

The DoveTail Collapsible Core eliminates the need for complex unscrewing mechanisms. It also provides solutions for unmoldable internal undercut features such as o-ring grooves, slots and snap fit details. The product is available in four standard sizes, as well as custom sizes. The DT Collapsible Core includes benefits such as cycle time reduction, simplified mold design, maximum cavities per mold, good part design flexibility and wider application envelope.

PT Edge mold bases come with pre-machined pockets and top locks already installed. Ideal for producing molds for thin parts in a variety of applications, pre-machined pockets enable a moldmaker to create separate machined tools and then insert them into a pocket in the mold base, rather than machining directly into mold plate.