Engineer-to-Order Enterprise Resource Planning

AX 2012

Data management software from Streamline Systems addresses the engineering change management process is essential for moldmakers in the ETO environment. Frequent changes of design or manufacturing process require review and approval of various tasks, both internally and by customers and must be handled efficiently because payment is incremental and requires proof of completion along the manufacturing process.

Back in 2002 Microsoft was not a player in the ETO ERP market. Earlier versions of products like Microsoft Dynamics were not effective in addressing the specific needs of ETO manufacturers. That recently changed with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, a generational shift in ERP for ETO. This solution may finally provide a serious alternative to the “out-of-the-box” ETO solutions currently on the market.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is not just the next release of a great product. It is a generational shift in business software, delivering new levels of capability, agility and power.

Powerful: AX 2012 delivers rich, prebuilt, industry-operational functionality out of the box; is a truly global solution, designed to scale with your business;

Agile: AX 2012 provides unified, natural models that let you see, measure, and change your business; architecturally provides a model-driven layered architecture (MDLA) that makes company-differentiating changes easy to execute; and, enables flexible deployment alternatives that support your business today and tomorrow.

Simple: AX 2012 provides a familiar interface that makes the application simple to learn and intuitive to use; brings collaboration directly into context through the application, making it simpler to connect employees, customers, suppliers, and partners; and, automates application lifecycle management, making the system simpler to deploy, manage, and upgrade.