Right Mix of Tooling and Technology

OSG emphasized the importance of having the right mix of tooling, machine tools and programming, and held a four-hour workshop on a step-by-step process to guide the approach to programming 3D parts.

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OSG USA wanted attendees to walk away from Amerimold 2015 understanding that the company is not just a tap manufacturer. More than 60 percent of OSG's business is in drills and end mills, including ExoPro PHX deep-feed-radius end mills, and ExoCarb WXL and WXS carbide end mills, which were showcased at the booth.

ExoPro PHX end mills are designed specifically to enable moldmakers to achieve improved quality, cost savings and delivery times with their existing equipment. New “spiral gash” geometry is designed to increase edge strength and reduce chip thickness. The company’s WXS nano coating increases hardness and heat resistance. The end mills are available in a variety of lengths and shapes, including ball-end, pencil-neck, long-neck, and corner-radius.

ExoCarb WXL and WXS carbide end mills are designed for rigidity and performance, even in tough materials and milling applications. The WXL is tailored for nonferrous materials and mild steels ranging to 55 HRC, and can withstand temperatures to 1,100°C. The WXS is made for hardened steels such as D2, A2, S7, H13 and CPM. It is capable of milling to 65 HRC and can withstand temperatures to 1,300°C. With their high-precision geometry, the WXL and WXS are said to be well-suited for the mold and die industry, eliminating the need for benching and reworking.

OSG also has the experienced staff to teach you how to machine 3D parts like the professionals. They did this with a four-hour workshop at Amerimold, and they continue to educate with the "Train the Nation Tour". Sign up today.

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