EMO 2017: Simulation Displays Real-Time Data Collection and Analysis

Marposs to Simulate Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Plant

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At EMO 2017 in Hannover, Germany, Marposs Corporation will simulate two production lines: one for shaft type and one for block type workpieces. Each line will display solutions for the various stages of production that Marposs says can save time, reduce cost and improve quality.

Visitors can see each stage of the production line. The first stage is at the foundry, where Marposs’ newly developed technology will monitor the workpieces’ thermal die surface. The final stage is the final inspection and will display automatic solutions for quality checks. Because Marposs will simulate a real manufacturing plant, the company will demonstrate an Industry 4.0 area that displays real-time data collection and analysis from the units in the booth.

Much of the booth will focus on applications for the automotive sector. However, Marposs says that many similar solutions are applicable to a wide variety of markets like electronics, medical, energy, appliances and more.

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