Electric Valve Gate Hot Runner System


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Synventive offers its patented eGate high performance electric valve gate system.  eGate features breakthrough technology that takes valve gate hot runner molding to the next level by precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, acceleration, velocity and stroke. 

Injection molding applications that require multi-shot/multi-material applications, sequential/cascading molding and premium cosmetic surfaces specifically call for the benefits provided by the eGate hot runner system.  It is ideal for molding applications with electric molding machines, clean room environments, optical parts, and any application where precision and control are critical. The Synventive eGate has been field-proven in numerous applications to eliminate flow lines on multi-gated parts and quickly resolve imbalance issues.

eGate provides numerous advantages over traditional valve gates, including: 

·         Greater control – provides processors the unique ability to adjust the flow rate out of each nozzle gate at any time during the fill process

·         Superior part quality – cosmetic gate quality is improved through valve pin position, acceleration and stroke, and class ‘A’ surface quality can be achieved on sequentially gated parts

·         Process repeatability – improved shot-to-shot and part-to-part consistency Process monitoring – data gathered and monitored for real-time pin position

·         Clean, quiet and energy efficient – ideal for ‘all-electric’ molding, clean rooms and sustainability

·         Ease of service – quick start-up and high up-time

Combined with the eGate controller with eGate Shop software, this hot runner system offers unparalleled control and monitoring of the open and closed positions of the valve pins within 0.01mm, as well as velocities and accelerations. Key features of eGate controller and eGate Shop include:  tability to set, control and monitor opening and closed valve pin positions within 0.01mm, as well as velocities and accelerations, resulting in improved gate quality and quicker closing of the valve pin; controller available in 4-zone or 8-zone configurations, for use up to 64 individual zones of control; and pendant control available for ‘on-the-fly’ remote valve pin adjustment.