EDM Micromachining

A catalog from Alouette Tool Co.

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A catalog from Alouette Tool Co. Ltd. (Fairport, NY) explains the company’s micromaching capabilities based on µEDM. Micromaching using EDM can produce a ability to produce a variety of complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy; and process hardened materials such as high heat-treated steel alloys and carbide, as well as PCD polycrystalline diamond and conductive ceramics. Additionally, as a as a non-contact process, µEDM does not create burrs or any effect of material alteration such as cracking of the workpiece. Many of these factors are of particular advantage when machining micro-parts making µEDM technology an indispensable process in many micro-machining fields. The catalog also covers micro drilling, micro sinking and micro milling applications.