EDM Electrodes Produce Faster Cuts in Copper Alloy Cores and Inserts

EDM-C3 and EDM-C200

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Complex molds that have copper alloy cores and inserts can be produced
faster and often with less costs by using copper infiltrated graphite such as
EDM-C3 and EDM-C200 from Poco Graphite (Decatur, TX). Side by side comparisons
of EDM-C3 versus EDM-3 cutting a high copper alloy work metal show that
thin deep ribs take fewer electrodes due to reduced wear and that the EDM
time can generally be cut in half by using EDM-C3.

Many of these applications require thin, deep slots to be cut into the copper
alloy work metal. This would normally be a high wear situation for the graphite
electrode when cutting alloys. Because copper infiltrated graphite has lower
electrical resistivity and higher flexural strengths than graphite, the EDM time
and electrode wear will be reduced.

EDM-C3 is a 5 micron grain size grade that is ideal for small thin ribs and
fragile electrodes when speed, wear and surface finish are important.

EDM-C200 is a 10 micron grain size grade that is ideal for larger electrodes
that need excellent metal removal rates and good wear in deep rib applications
with high copper content alloys.

Machine parameters need to be adjusted when using EDM-C3 or C200 to
obtain the best EDM performance. POCO applications engineers can provide
support for these difficult applications.