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EDM, 5-Axis Milling and Automation Technologies

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GF AgieCharmilles will be demonstrating a wide variety of complementary EDM, 5-axis milling and automation technologies in its primary booth, S-8754, at IMTS 2010.


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GF AgieCharmilles will be demonstrating a wide variety of complementary EDM, 5-axis milling and automation technologies in its primary booth, S-8754, at IMTS 2010. The company will also man a satellite booth, E-4440, which will focus on GF AgieCharmilles’ standard-setting consumables and customer service departments.


On the milling side of things, GF AgieCharmilles will be demonstrating a unique cell comprised of its new HSM 400U LP high speed milling center and an EOSINT M270 laser sintering center. The HSM 400U LP offers increased speed, accuracy and precision through the inclusion of a liquid cooled, linear direct drive motor technology that allows for short setting times and high dynamic rigidity of the attitude control. Additionally, the linear direct drive integrates central oil lubrication to reduce friction-induced wear and ensure excellent, long-term precision.


The EOSINT M270 manufactures solid parts by using a laser to solidify powder-like materials, layer by layer. This unique process provides substantial benefits in applications for industries such as aerospace, medical, dental and moldmaking, as the technology removes part complexity as a driver of cost. Visitors to GF AgieCharmilles’ primary booth will see how the EOSINT M270 can work together with top high-speed milling technology to produce unparalleled results.


GF AgieCharmilles’ primary booth will also showcase the HPM 800U high performance machining center, HSM 500 high speed machining center and UCP 600 Vario multi-axis performance speed machining center.


A variety of other innovations will be found in the EDM portion of GF AgieCharmilles’ primary booth. The new CUT 1000 OilTech wire EDM was designed specifically for micro machining and ultra precision applications. The machine uses wires as small as .02 mm diameter and SF technology to achieve surface finishes down to Ra 0.05 µm in continuous operation and impeccable corner quality. By using oil as an inert dielectric, the CUT 1000 OilTech eliminates the effects of corrosion due to long periods of immersion in the workpiece. As a result, multiple workpieces can remain immersed in the dielectric for overnight or weekend machining needs. The oil also enables smaller distances between the wire and workpiece to produce smaller internal radii when compared to water-based machining.


The CUT 20P wire EDM features a variety of new evolutions, including a new dielectric unit with three vertical Grundfos pumps for increased reliability and easy maintenance. The machine handles wire diameters from .10 mm to .30 mm with ease and offers the flexibility to satisfy requirements in the fields of general engineering and standard stamping. Adding to the smart design of machine’s controls is the inclusion of GF AgieCharmilles' "Speed" technology package, which allows the CUT 20P to achieve competitive results in terms of precision, time and surface roughness when machining jobs with 2 to 4 cuts. The machine’s low energy consumption and long working life of wear parts reduces operating costs and helps to ensure profitability

On the diesinking side, GF AgieCharmilles will showcase the FO350 MS, a machine that provides superior precision, speed and productivity for even the smallest die and mold applications. To achieve superior quality and efficiency, FO350 MS utilizes MicroTEC discharge circuitry, which enables EDM power to be modulated, with the flexibility necessary to maximize material removal, while allowing a reduced electrode undersize of £ 0.002". This allows for higher machining outputs, while maintaining the geometry of the electrodes due to an extremely low wear rate. The FO350 MS pushes the limit of quality and profitability to meet the most demanding market challenges, excelling at machining components for the automotive, aerospace, connector technology, medical and watch making industries.


Other EDMs on display include the DRILL 20 hole-drilling EDM, FORM 400 diesinking EDM and CUT 3000 and CUT 300 wire EDMs.


Also featured in GF AgieCharmilles’ primary booth will be the new LASER 1000 5Ax ablation center. The launch of the LASER line represents the company’s continued commitment to providing extreme precision and intelligent machining. The LASER 1000 5Ax offers engraving, texturizing, microstructuring and labeling of large and small parts. With full 5-axis capabilities, the machine can finish parts of highly complex geometries.


GF AgieCharmilles’ satellite booth in the show’s east building will be feature a wide assortment of wear parts and consumables, we well as provide an inside look at the company’s industry leading customer service.

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