Dynamic Mold Venting Valve Resolves Poor Cavity Venting

The DMS dynamic SGD mold venting valve allows air and resin gases to dissipate via a venting channel, ensuring the production of quality parts. 


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DMS dynamic SGD mold venting valve

DMS’s dynamic SGD mold venting valve is an innovative solution that is said to resolve the most common effects of poor cavity venting when producing parts. According to the company, standard venting systems offer a venting capacity and performance that most of time is not sufficient to achieve reasonable part quality. However, “dynamic” venting valves — like its offered SGD mold venting valve product — act as alternative solutions which can be either external or internal to the cavity, and are designed to allow the air and resin gases to rapidly leave the cavity via a venting channel. 

SGD is based on a simple mechanical system allowing the gas to escape from a venting hole that automatically closes under the pressure of the plastic flow front. Further the SGD mold venting valve can be placed inside the cavity where the filling pattern produces gas traps. Due to the reduction of the high venting capacity counter pressure of the air inside the cavity, the venting hole isn't affected by mold deposits.