Durable Industrial Ethernet Connectors

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The company says its new line of plug-in, industrial Ethernet connectors provides universal IP 67 solutions for copper and fiber optic cabling across all Ethernet standards. The connectors are modular in design to offer a variety of material and connection options for installation and application flexbility. Plug housings and bulkhead housings are available in Ethernet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP and Profinet versions, each of which is sealed to withstand demanding industrial environments. The Steadytec cable pass-through design accepts shielded cables to AWG 22 and allows the use of eight wire cables. This enables 10-gigabit performance and Profinet support, the company says.   Fiber-optic inserts include SC Simplex and LC Duplex versions for the Ethernet/IP and Ethernet TCP/IP plug and bulkhead housings. The inserts include a Kevlar crimping option for added strain relief. The Steadytec line also includes field-installable RJ45 connectors, which are said to meet all Ethernet standards, support 10-gigabit speeds and require no tools for installation. 

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