Dry Ice System Cleans Molds More Quickly and Effectively

Cold Jet

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Cold Jet showcased its i³ MicroClean dry ice cleaning system on the "Mold Maintenance Highway" this week at amerimold. This system is designed to clean more quickly, more easily and more effectively than traditional methods, allowing for increased cycles between preventative maintenance and reduced scrap rates. The non-abrasive cleaning system does not require harsh chemicals, wire brushes or abrasive pads, extending the life of a mold. It is designed around Cold Jet's patented shaved ice and feeder technologies, and enables molders to clean a variety of mold surface finishes, including matte or textured. 


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Cleaner Combines Dry Ice Pellet Production and Dry Ice Blasting

With so much happening in a busy show year between NPE2018 and Amerimold 2018, MoldMaking Technology is revisiting some of the technology that was on display. In case you missed it: Cold Jet says that the Combi 120H eliminates the need for cleaning parts with aqueous methods that require part drying and water treatment or containment systems.