Dry Ice Cleaning System—Cold Jet, Booth 719

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i³ MicroClean

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Cold Jet will highlight the i³ MicroClean®—which the company states is an extremely effective and efficient precision dry ice cleaning system. Blazingly fast, remarkably economical and environmentally friendly, the i³ MicroClean lets the user clean better, more precisely and with less effort—allowing for increased cycles between preventative maintenance and reduced scrap rates, according to the company. The i³ MicroClean system removes surface residues from molds while eliminating hazardous chemicals, secondary waste, disassembly and downtime,  no matter the complexity of the application.
The i³ MicroClean is designed to thoroughly clean intricate cavities and molds that other methods cannot reach. The abrasive-free cleaning can be done while molds are still at curing temperature in the press, significantly reducing cleaning time. In addition, the i³ MicroClean can be used for final product cleanup including deflashing of surface/parting line vents and gloss leveling.
The i³ MicroClean is designed around Cold Jet's patented shaved ice and feeder technologies. Its unrivaled innovation and unmatched performance, based on years of engineering experience and customer input, save you real time and real money. 
Cold Jet will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 719. Register today!



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