Dry Ice Cleaning Provides Non-Abrasive Cleaning

Cold Jet LLC will provide dry ice cleaning demonstrations at Amerimold.


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Cold Jet LLC will provide dry ice cleaning demonstrations at Amerimold. The i³ MicroClean system provides a non-abrasive cleaning method that helps facilities clean molds in-place at operating temperatures. Featuring patented, shaved dry ice technology, the company says it cleans intricate cavities that other methods cannot reach and extends the life of equipment by eliminating the need for chemicals, wire brushes and abrasive pads. Additionally, the system enables increased cycles between preventative maintenance while reducing scrap.  

The company develops environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to reduce maintenance costs, enhance product quality and improve productivity. They will participate in Tool Shop Live, which will showcase cleaning and maintenance solutions within a live tool room setting.




Cold Jet, LLC

Booth: MS4