Drive Technology Eliminates Fear of Contamination



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J&H Distributor showcases the e-ahp drive, a force and position controlled linear axis capable of generating high forces. An advantage of the e-ahp technology is that it is a closed system, which eliminates contaminants such as dirt or metal in your hydraulic oil. The drive is easy to integrate into most applications, has low maintenance/downtime, can optimize process control of all parameters and only consumes energy when it is needed in the process. The drive eliminates oil leaks caused by bursting or leaking hoses, as well as energy-intensive central hydraulic units or pneumatic compressors. The e-ahp series stands out due to an encapsulated system without rotary seals. The systems are wear-resistant and can also be used in clean rooms or in food production without fear of contamination.

Three series are available. The e-ahp Basic model uses fast short strokes, and applications include punching, bending, cutting, pressing, etc. It can be used for positioning tasks and is capable of four quadrant operation (push/pull). The e-ahp Prove drive secures processes and is capable of high repeat accuracies. The e-ahp Performance drive is capable of rapid speeds and high-forces. It enables high throughput in production applications and has electronically switchable blocking that can maintain position or force, even without drive power.



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