Drilling/Machining Centers Combine Processes in One Machine

Unisig, amerimold 2014 Booth 207

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Unisig’s (Booth 207) USC-M series drilling and machining centers combine several essential processes into one machine, reducing setup time and increasing accuracy for mold manufacturers. They each feature a 360-degree workpiece table, and angle of the drilling and machining headstock can be programmed 30 degrees downward and 15 degrees upward

The M-series machines are available in two sizes: the USC-M38 is capable of drilling and machining all four sides of a 2-m-long workpiece in a single setup, while the larger USC-M50 can handle processing of all four sides of a 3-m-long workpiece.

The machines use both traditional gundrill tooling as well as the improved-efficiency BTA drilling process to boost productivity in waterline drilling. This capability is combined with a second, independent CAT50 machine quill capable of performing all machining and drilling functions within the full working envelope of the system. 

Both machines are available with a variety of options, including an automatic tool changer with as many as 120 positions, laser tool pre-setting, workpiece probing, automatic pallet transfer, full enclosure guarding with a mist and smoke collection system.

Visit Unisig and other leading equipment suppliers and service providers at amerimold 2014 - June 11-12, 2014, at Novi, MI's Suburban Collection Showplace. 


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