Double Column Machining Center Series Provides Highly Responsive Movement

YCM Technology introduces the “Aero” series of next generation high performance double column multi-axis DCV2018A/B-5AX machining centers.
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YCM Technology introduces the “Aero” series of next generation high performance double column multi-axis DCV2018A/B-5AX machining centers. The “Aero” series is carefully engineered with high speed and efficiency to handle the demands specific to the aerospace industry.

A powerful Z-axis direct drive motor with no counter balance provides highly responsive, precise and backlash-free movement that greatly improve the finishing surface. The direct coupled drive on X-axis provides 50% speed increase resulting in faster acceleration. An optional 120 ATC unit is available, as well as a250mm Z-axis riser for greater daylight between the spindle and table top.

A reinforced double-column structure with smooth operation and low vibration is designed to enable better finishing and extend tool life. The internal double-A type ribbed-bed design offers full support for the table which allows the force to be evenly and effectively distributed to the foundation. Roller linear guideways on all three axes and multiple oversized slider blocks provide improved cutting characteristic. The Y-axis is designed with a large span in horizontal and vertical directions in order to withstand the headstock weight and machining force that promote optimal cutting conditions.

The five-axis universal head is equipped with a direct-drive motor. The machine also features cross roller bearings with high rotation accuracy that are capable of accommodating bearing loads in every direction, says the company. A Heidenhain encoder is standard for positioning the B- and C-axis headstock for high accuracy functionality. Additional features include a pneumatic positioning clamping system, over-travel protection and B-axis anti-drop function at power outage.

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