Direct-Drive Rotary Systems

Direct Drive Rotary System; Eastec Booth #5045

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Hardinge’s (Elmira, NY) direct-drive rotary systems provide flexible, high-speed, super-precision® rotary parts positioning. These rotary tables have zero backlash, permitting rapid bi-directional movement without the loss of time used to compensate for position over-travel, which means more time in the cut. Direct-drive rotary units are ideal for parts that require extremely accurate angular positioning, as well as for high-speed, high-accuracy contouring applications. Markets served include aerospace, automotive, autosport, defense, medical, mold and die, electronics and energy/oil sector industries.

Direct-drive technology offers high speed, accuracy and repeatability in a small, rugged footprint. A frameless torque motor wraps around the spindle, eliminating the need for a separate motor extension, resulting in a smaller footprint. An encoder capable of ±.077 arc second resolution is mounted directly to the spindle enabling ±3 arc second system accuracy for extremely accurate positioning with 4 arc second repeatability. A rugged cross roller bearing provides super rigidity.