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Jetstream Tooling

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Seco Tools has introduced Jetstream Tooling that channels coolant directly to the insert, removing heat from the cutting zone for higher cutting speeds, longer tool life, improved chip control and increased productivity overall, the company states.
Jetstream Tooling, because it removes heat from the cutting zone quicker and much more efficiently than conventional methods, is ideal for machining materials that are poor conductors of heat, such as titanium and superalloys. After all, these materials keep high temperatures at the point of cut and without proper cooling can produce welding, galling and smearing, as well as destroy cutting edges very quickly.
Seco designed its Jetstream Tooling to strategically place coolant exit holes machined into a patented swiveling top clamp, known as the inducer, on the insert holder. When coolant is pumped through these small-diameter apertures it produces an acute high velocity “jet stream” that penetrates the precise friction zone between the cutting edge and the workpiece, providing superior lubrication, cooling and chip removal.
Jetstream Tooling is typically delivered at pressures of 20 to70 bar, at an optimized angle of trajectory that provides maximum productivity benefits. It is an off-the-shelf, standard product based on traditional toolholder design that covers both ISO inserts and Seco’s multi-directional turning and grooving system. Shanked tools are available in 20/20, 25/25 and 32/25 sizes, as well as Seco-Capto tools in C4, C5 and C6 units. Jetstream Tooling also fits the majority of CNC turning machines on the market today.
Jetstream Tooling can accommodate coolant in two different, easy manners. It accepts coolant externally via a coolant hose or underneath the toolholder, as well as internally in the case of the Seco-Capto holders. Several different lengths of hoses are made available to users.
According to Seco, Jetstream Tooling can achieve even greater benefits, such as enhanced surface finish, when paired with the company’s Duratomic®-coated MF5 chipbreaker insert, which is designed to generate very low cutting forces. The surface of the insert is interrupted by two distinct deflectors to assist chipbreaking, and three strategically positioned slots that allow a free flow of Jetstream-delivered coolant.