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Diesinker EDM

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FORM 200 mS


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GF AgieCharmilles’ FORM 200 mS with rotary tool changer (RTC) takes die-sinking electric discharge machining to the next level by bringing precise geometric quality and increased lights-out operation to micro machining and other applications.


GF AgieCharmilles designed the FORM 200 mS for optimizing all aspects of micro machining, including molds for integrated circuits, cavities for light-emitting diodes and detailed connector forms. While providing exceptional performance on its own, the machine, when combined with the modular 16- to 160-position RTC, further increases flexibility and speed for micro component production processes.  


In addition to standard machining capabilities, the FORM 200 mS offers a high degree of autonomy through an easy-to-use interface with functions dedicated specifically to micro machining.  


With its MicroTEC discharge circuit, the FORM 200 mS is capable of power modulation, as well as maximizing material removal while accommodating undersize (<20 µm) electrodes. And, whether controlling spark energy according to electrode shape or performing real-time spark analysis, the FORM 200 mS provides around-the-clock monitoring and process optimization for the highest levels of predictability and repeatability. 


The FORM 200 mS also incorporates GF AgieCharmilles’ iQ technology, which further increases efficiency and productivity by significantly reducing electrode wear at faster machining speeds than other low-wear application settings. The technology practically eliminates wear by building a protective layer onto graphite electrodes, maintaining their edges and detail capabilities throughout the entire burn. The technology is especially beneficial for electrodes producing the same cavity shape multiple times.


As with all products from GF AgieCharmilles, a full range service and support program, which is customizable for each customer, supports the FORM 200 mS and RTC.  


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