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OKK USA Corporation’s VB53 design features help achieve superior surface finish and precision, combined with high speed operation and excellent operator accessibility, to satisfy even the most high end mold application challenges, the company states.
The VB53 is standard with 20000RPM spindle with big plus double contact, X-axis travel of 41.34”, Y-axis travel of 20.87, Z-axis travel of 20.08”. OKK's Fine Pitch ball screw reduces the maximum rapid speed, but increases the overall precision of the entire system along with a rigid machine base. Additionally, the VB53 employs an external, isolated oil cooler, which removes a common source of vibration from the machine, resulting in superior die quality, according to the company.
Countermeasures for thermal displacement which provide superior precision capability are another advantage of the VB53, the company notes. Cutting chips and coolant often affect the thermal displacement of machining centers.
Additionally, standard equipment like the 0.05 micron scale feedback linear scale enhances the positioning accuracy through all possible applications. Additionally, the redesigned workspace reduces the operator's fatigue, and delivers superior accessibility of 15 to 50 percent more than other machines, the company states. Coil-type conveyers clear chips more efficiently, moving stray chips outside the machine quickly. The VB53 also comes with an automatic grease lubrication system standard; this means no waste oil contamination of the coolant, and the cartridge-based design makes it very easy for the operator to replace.