Diamond Coating on Slideways Minimizes Wear

Originally titled 'Diamond Coating on Slideways Minimizes Wear'
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With so much happening in a busy show year between NPE2018, Amerimold 2018 and IMTS 2018, MoldMaking Technology is revisiting some of the technology that was on display. In case you missed it: Hasco stack mold components increase production output and efficiency while decreasing costs.

Hasco had its Z1545 gear housing and Z1547 rack unit on display at Amerimold 2018. The comapny says that its Z1545 gear housing and Z1547 rack unit enable the simple, reproducible and inexpensive installation of stack molds. The low height of these stack mold components permit small distances between the tie bars on the machine and high opening forces through the use of high-quality material, the company says. DLC-coated slideways minimize wear and extend maintenance intervals. The components ensure that mold production costs remain calculable, improving item costs and competitiveness, the company says.

The company says its stack mold components make production more efficient and double the output of molded parts for the same clamping force, ensuring more effective machine use. Alternatively, the number of cavities can be kept the same and the clamping force halved, reducing the investment and the space required.


  • Eliminating Seams

    A zero-parting-line process requires collaboration among the toolmaker, its texturization provider and the OEM.

  • Largest Amerimold Show Floor to Date; See Technology Display

    Amerimold, The Event for Mold Manufacturing, closed on June 16th, 2016, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. The two-day tradeshow, technical conference and networking event featured more than 3,000 participants, representing every aspect of the plastic injection molding cycle. The Amerimold exhibit hall was the largest ever and included 200 exhibitors displaying products and services used for designing, building, injection molding and maintaining molds.

  • Our 2015 Leadtime Leader Award Winners are …

    Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing of Windsor, Ontario, and Dynamic Tool & Design of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.



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