8/30/2006 | 1 MINUTE READ


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In celebration of our approaching 50th year “Golden” anniversary, INCOE® introduces the DF Gold Series hot runner system.

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In celebration of our approaching 50th year “Golden” anniversary, INCOE® introduces the DF Gold Series hot runner system. Based upon the previous generation of proven and reliable hot runner technology (the DF Series), the DF Gold series is an innovative refinement of the technology providing increased hot runner performance and robustness while maximizing molder up-time. DF Gold Series improvements include: Twin Heater – The Twin Heater incorporates two separate heating circuits in each nozzle heater. This redundancy provides for uninterrupted production if a single heater circuit failure should occur and allows for easy replacement during a planned maintenance period. A second heater thermocouple can also be added to provide another level of redundancy to the system. Heater dimensions remain consistent compared to the previous generation heater, allowing for simple upgrades for previous generation hot runner systems. Gating Configurations – Several new tip designs have been added for increased flexibility for application solutions. All tips utilize a proprietary coating that yields increased wear resistance. Color Seal – A final solution for troublesome color change issues. Often color change can simply be performed by increasing melt temperature while purging the system. However with some materials the color to be removed often can stay within the gate well area and continue to “bleed” through to the new color, creating defective molded parts. The introduction of the new Color Seal traps the material and can easily be removed between color changes. Ceramic Manifold Insulation – Utilization of ceramic supports in DF Gold systems allows for a significant decrease in heat transfer from the system to the mold, reducing energy consumption and increasing thermal consistency across the melt delivery system.
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