Deep-Hole Drills

Solid-carbide WIDIA-Rubig deep-hole drills

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In deep-hole drilling applications up to 30XD, new solid-carbide WIDIA-Rubig deep-hole drills from WIDIA (LaTrobe, PA) remove between three and four times the metal compared to gun drills, in addition to delivering excellent hole quality and cycle times.

Length ratios for the new WIDIA-Rubig deep-hole drills are available in 15XD, 20XD, 25XD, and 30XD. Available diameters range from 3.0 to 13.0 mm.

Along with increased performance, the solid-carbide deep-hole drills increase process versatility by not requiring special drivers or guide bushings. And where gun drilling machines are dedicated to gun drilling only, WIDIA-Rubig deep-hole drills can be used in machining centers. eliminating the need for specialty capital equipment.

With 132-degree cone-point geometry, WIDIA-Rubig deep-hole drills have low thrust and excellent centering ability for increased hole quality. A four-margin design improves stability in the cut and an advanced PVD coating and highly polished surfaces increase wear resistance and reduce friction on margins and cutting edges.