Cylindrical Shut-Off Valve Gate System


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Mold-Masters’ (Georgetown, ON) fully scalable, E-Drive hot runner configured as a 64- cavity Sprint dual synchro plate system features a cylindrical shut-off valve gate system running CSD closures at sub five seconds fully inspected, engraved and packed into a box. The enabler of this system performance is the company’s Sprint valve gate nozzle, iFlow manifold technology and Mold-Masters’ E-Drive servo driven pin actuation system.

The combination of these technologies allows customers to mold CSD closures at unprecedented rates with pristine gate quality ensured. The Sprint nozzle design accurately controls temperature in the gate area while allowing for ample decompression and precise guiding of the valve pin into the gate. The iFlow manifold delivers rheologically equivalent melt to each cavity, allowing for reduced clamp tonnage, more processing window and longer tool life. The E-Drive pin actuation ensures that all 64 valve pins open and close at exactly the same time with speeds 5 times faster than pneumatic. Client feedback on their success using E-Drive includes color changes up to 400 percent faster than comparable tools, defect rates approaching zero and a 15.5 percent better-than-requested cycle time improvement.