Cutting Tool for Heavy Machining

Coromant Capto size C10

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For all types of heavy machining operations in large components, Coromant Capto size C10 from Sandvik Coromant (Fair Lawn, NJ), improves performance by allowing higher feeds and greater depths of cut. A flange diameter of 3.937 inches means a coupling suitable for heavy loads providing extreme stability in milling and turning applications.

Designed to increase removal capacity at higher torques, the C10 gives the entire tool set up higher bending strength. The C10 includes a wide range of holders and adapters from shrink fit, SL adapters and ER- chucks to tap adapters.

Coromant Capto is the true universal modular tool system. The most stable tool holding system on the market that makes it possible to use only one system for the entire workshop, regardless of machine type: turning center, machining center, multi-task machine; manual or fully automatic. The tool system permits standardization, reduces inventory costs, and simplifies physical and administrative handling of tools. The unique polygon shaped Coromant Capto coupling, introduced in 1990, has proven its excellence over the years and is now an ISO standard (26623).