Custom Mold Frames

Manufacturing large, high-volume, close-tolerance, custom mold frames.

Related Suppliers

Craftsman Tool & Mold Co. (Aurora, IL) specializes in manufacturing large, high-volume, close-tolerance, custom mold frames including, but not limited to, shuttle, compression, unscrewing, rotational, multi-shot, die cast, rubber and 2 and 4-way stack frames for the medical, electrical, nuclear, cosmetic, appliance and automotive industries. Other services include large capacity gun drilling, grinding, punch holders, die shoes, manifold assemblies, bolster plates and other specialty machining. The company does not manufacture cavity and cores, only bases; and has the ability to do the entire job in-house, which ensures complete single-source control over quality and delivery. For example, the company has its own stock of raw steel continually inventoried and kept up to date; saws for cutting steel to any proportion; a huge rotary grinder that can take jobs up to 10 tons; large capacity milling machines with special tooling; horizontal surface grinders, the largest with a 42-inch by 12-foot bed; CNC horizontal boring mills for close tolerance boring; crane capacity to 15 tons; gun drilling capabilities to 2-inch diameter; modern, CNC machining centers and inspection programs; and, a fully-equipped assembly area for precisely matching mold base components.