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Collapsible Cores

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Roehr Tool Corp. (Hudson, MA) has expanded its offering of custom Collapsible Cores (C-Cores) to include those as small as 10mm and as large as 200mm in size.

The company is meeting customer needs for smaller-sized Collapsible Cores that are being used in medical applications. For example, Roehr recently created a custom 10mm DT Series C-Core that offers these unique advantages:
•    A deeper, full diameter undercut for reliable fit with a mating part;
•    Simple, two-stage mold action that makes it ideal for clean room production—no hydraulics/lubrication needed;
•    Faster cycle time with better part quality.

Conversely, Roehr is also capable of assisting customers whose projects present challenges on the larger side. For example, Roehr produced a DT Core for a challenging larger part that required one measuring 6.00” in diameter in order to mold a part that was 7.50” in diameter.