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JG&A Metrology Center provides Industrial CT Scanning Services to drastically reduce preproduction inspection costs and analyze internal failures quickly and accurately in 3-D. When utilizing and reviewing scan data with the latest version of Volume Graphics v2.2, clients in the plastics industry are now able to analyze long and short glass fiber molded parts like never before without destructive testing. The Fiber Orientation module allows the fibers to be visualized and analyzed in relation to a freely definable plane as a color overlay both in 2-D and 3-D. A wide range of statistical evaluations of the analysis results included; fiber direction, percent fiber direction in relation to all fibers within the dataset, calculated size of single fibers, calculated volume of single fibers, and calculated percentage of fibers related to the base resin. By contacting the company directly a detailed project review or free web conference is available to demonstrate the new Fiber Orientation analysis or the company’s Industrial CT Scanning services.