Cryogenic Tool Cooling/Machining; imX

Cryogenic Tool Cooling; Booth #2748, 2762

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MAG (Erlanger, KY) will offer an first in-depth look at the capabilities of its patented new cryogenic tool cooling technology that uses liquid nitrogen-delivered through the cutting insert-to dramatically extend tool life or increase metal removal rates. Ideal for cutting titanium, inconel and CGI, cryogenic machining has also shown significant improvements in tool life and part quality for machining of composites, where it minimizes heat transfer to the resin matrix. This technology uses a through-spindle, through-tool cooling system using liquid nitrogen. The multi-patent pending development cools the cutting edge more efficiently than ever before possible, enabling dramatically higher cutting speeds for increased metal removal, longer tool life or a blend of the two advantages. MAG's learning lab on cryogenic machining will feature parts of titanium, compacted-graphite iron (CGI) and composites.

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