Countersunk Screws


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The new HASCO countersunk screws with hexalobular internal driving feature (Torx®) Z330/… ensure optimum force transmission, the company reports. Small thread sizes were coordinated specifically to suit HASCO's thermal insulating sheets Z121/…, Z1212/… and Z1213/….
Particularly with small screw sizes as are used for fixing thermal insulating sheets, damage to the screw head and driver tip is a common problem.
Until now, worn screws had to be drilled out – a time-consuming task. Through the use of the new countersunk screw Z330/…, this can be reliably avoided because the star-shaped Torx® geometry in the screw heads transmits a vertical torque that is several times higher than normal. Despite the high torque absorption, damage to the screw head and driver tip is avoided. Efficient assembly makes an important contribution to reducing tool costs, the company states.
The combination of the new countersunk screw and the improved thermal insulating sheet offers the user an optimum practical solution for extending mold service life, the company adds.