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Core Metrology Gauging Guide

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Gauging Guide


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Blum LMT, Inc. has introduced a Gauging Guide—a graphical user interface (GUI) developed to complement many of Blum’s core metrology products, including lasers, tactile tool setters and workpiece probes. The GUI makes the use of Blum’s core products extremely easy for operators and programmers, and was developed for use on Okuma THINC Series controls. Unlike other metrology equipment GUIs, Blum’s Gauging Guide is the only one that currently utilizes Okuma’s THINC API, allowing operators to take advantage of the integration between the Okuma THINC control and Blum’s Gauging Guide with a simple one-touch of the screen, the company states.

Blum began development of the new software after realization that some of the advanced features of Blum’s products were not being utilized due to the programming knowledge that was required. Blum’s product software offers many advanced measurement capabilities to users. The Gauging Guide utilizes these advanced measuring capabilities in the macro programming software by channeling access to advanced programs through a clean and straightforward graphical user interface.

Making the GUI extremely user friendly was the main focus during design and development. This is noticeable right at installation, the user’s first experience with the GUI. Just like with other typical windows programs, the Gauging Guide uses a simple installation wizard that walks the operator through the installation process, step-by-step. The guide was also built to be visually rich, making operation of Blum products as easily understandable as possible. Graphical depictions are used to explain the purpose of all program cycles and the functions of each individual parameter within a program. Textual descriptions are used in each instance as well. Users will see the call statement being built with the entry of each parameter the operator chooses.

In addition to the use of visual aids and descriptions, a built-in help function allows access to Blum’s official manuals for whatever metrology product being used. The help button takes the user directly to the section of the manual relating to the screen the user just was on. This allows the operator to reference the manual for any information relating to the current program he is running and allows him to switch back-and‐forth between the program screen and help screen without losing entered data, or position in the help manual. Another feature of this product is the ability to install it on any personal computer running Window XP/7. Programmers are able to take advantage of creating the necessary programming calls without the need of complex simulation or loss of machining time to create and test the programming calls.

Blum’s Gauging Guide helps eliminate the complexity of programming Blum products so that your operator, programmer, and machine time are spent more effectively, increasing productivity and quality, the company adds.


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