Cooling System Produces Even Temperature Distribution


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Hasco demonstrated its CoolCross Z99 cooling system for injection molds, which is designed so that cooling channels can cross each other on the same plane in a flexible and inexpensive manner without any major production outlay. This system allows even temperature distribution at the core or insert, as well as constant cavity cooling on all four sides for the duration of the injection molding cycle. It also prevents hot spots. A locking mechanism protects against rotation and the unintended closure of the cooling channels.

Because the cooling circuits cross each other on the same plane, it is possible to incorporate smaller plate thickness and inexpensive accessory components in the mold design, the company says. The number of cooling channels also can be reduced, since it is not necessary to have a cooling channel in an additional plane. Reducing plate thickness also enables the use of shorter nozzles, guidance elements and attachments, reducing the cost of the components and the processing costs.