Cooling Solutions Portfolio Offers High Performance Cooling Capacity

Frigel will bring a complete portfolio of advanced cooling solutions for the plastics industry at K 2019.


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Frigel will bring a complete portfolio of advanced cooling solutions for the plastics industry at K 2019.

The company will display the latest upgrade of internationally patented adiabatic fluid cooler, Ecodry System in a glycol-free, self-draining configuration, with an inverter driven pumping station and advanced digital control panel. It will also present the traditional ranges of Microgel for Injection Molding (RCM/D Series), single and dual zone, for molding throughputs and Microgel for Packaging (RCP Series). These mold cooling units provide cooling cycle time reductions up to 50%.

Four new lines of Thermogel will be presented, starting with a new TBD series offering a robust and cost effective solution for general molding applications. The TDK series and TPK series for high temperature applications will also be on display. The company presents the Thermogel Heat&Cool THC series, process synchronized alternating heating and cooling units designed specifically for high quality surface finishing of molded parts. The company also offers the Turbogel range featuring booster pumps and high performance cooling capacity. The digital control enables energy and flow monitoring and inverter driven booster process pumps.

Two new lines of chillers will be presented. The IndustrialChiller Air Cooled MRM series includes a full range of modular chillers from 90 to 580 kW (25.6 to 165 tons). This line is more efficient, reliable and cost effective than the previous Heavygel HGM. The line features multi-scroll compressors, microchannel condensers and a wide range of options covering all process demands and extreme weather conditions. The ModularChiller Water Cooled 3FX series combine high performance cooling capacity with efficiency in self-contained packages with extremely small footprints. They are equipped with rotary (scroll or inverter driven screw) compressors and are designed to add capacity as the thermal loads increase, with system cooling capacities up to 3000 kW (850 tons).

The company will present post-molding closure cooling units for ultra-fast molding cycles, air dehumidifiers for mold enclosures to avoid sweating in low cooling water temperature applications, and MiND, a digital solution that provides users a maintenance tool for all Frigel equipment and accessories, both central and machine-side, enabling monitoring and management of all working parameters and events and registering performance and energy consumption of every single cooling system component through a multifunctional user interface, both locally and remotely, through a user-friendly webpage.