Coolant Monitoring System Combines Cloud-Based Platform, Plug & Play for Maximum Monitoring Flexibility

Liquidtool Systems’ Liquidtool Manager and its associated sensor enable users to take reliable, regular measurements with minimal effort, with secure access to all current and historical measurement data.


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Liquidtool Manager.

Photo Credit: Liquidtool Systems

The Liquidtool Manager, offered by Liquidtool Systems, a a sister company of Blaser Swisslube AG, is an intelligent, IoT-based solution that combines plug and play (PnP) technology for automatic, easy and reliable monitoring of coolants conditions. Said to be the first of its kind, Liquidtool Manager integrates a magnetically mounted sensor, which is connected to a company’s WLAN or LAN internet connection and operated with the corresponding app via tablet, smartphone or PC, to alert operators to changing coolant tank conditions. Liquidtool Systems says its system enables companies in the metalworking industry to further achieve digitization and Industry 4.0.

The sensor for metal-cutting machines is compatible with coolants of all manufacturers and monitors them automatically. The Liquidtool Sensor regularly takes coolant from the machine tank and measures the sample with the built-in refractometer and thermometer. It stores the data gathered securely on the corresponding platform, enabling deviations to be detected at an early stage. Users can add additional values such as pH, nitrite and water hardness manually. Reliable, regular measurement forms the basis for stabilizing and optimizing processes, increasing efficiency and identifying problems early on. This in turn can reduce machine downtime and contributes to a longer service life of the coolant and tools.

The data collected by the sensor is stored and analyzed in the cloud-based Liquidtool Manager. The Manager provides secure access to all current and historical measurement data, in real-time and from various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. The stored data can be displayed directly in the Liquidtool Manager via various graphics, statistics and reports. In addition, users can exchange experiences with other users worldwide in the Liquidtool community.

The Manager will be launched in the U.S. and Canada on May 1st, 2021, and will be available online.


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