12/5/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Controller Has Touch Screen for Quick Information Access

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The T-500 Controller by Orycon Hot Runner Systems has an operator interface for information on each zone.


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Orycon Hot Runner Systems introduces the T-500 Hot Runner Controller. The controller architecture is based on cards of six zones each. The T-500 has a 72-zone model and a 144-zone model. Orycon says that a touch screen with fast response, high resolution graphics provides an intuitive operator interface.

A zoom screen provides access to detailed information for each individual zone, including amp draw, percentage of power being used, set point and actual temperature, plus any existing alarm condition. The zoom screen enables quick changes like switching operating mode or set point or turning the zone on and off. The display has a setting to show cavities in the oval and manifold zones in rectangular-shaped windows. Orycon says this gives the operator a first glance indication of the zone function that is easy for the eyes to spot.

A set-up screen provides setting choices for J or K thermocouples, the length of warm-up time, the maximum settable temperature, the boost time, the decrease in temperature when the unit is in the park mode and the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit format. The user can also field calibrate the unit by following a simple procedure so as to meet ISO or other regulation requirements.

Communications with the press are standard and the user can predetermine response to press alarms or hot runner anomalies at set-up. Response options include turning on a stack light, sounding a horn or turning off a single zone or the entire controller.


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